The Ospreys are Back!

To celebrate the return of the Ospreys, I’ve recapped the highlights of Ben Wurst’s presentation, “The Amazing Osprey,” that he gave at Stockton University’s Pinelands Short Course. A pair of Ospreys perched in their nest woven from sticks and a stray plastic straw flashed onto the screen behind Ben Wurst, habitat program manager for the…

Marsh Madness

During the day, sleeping is usually a snowy owl’s number one priority. But, when it’s a snow day, they’re wide awake and ready to hunt. Or maybe this owl was just excited about March Madness.

Cape May’s Visiting Admiral

After a long-distance flight from a remote northern tundra, a visitor touched down on a sandy stretch of Cape May coastline, not too far from the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center. He sat poised and restful—tucked between patches of golden dune grass, eyes barely open—sleeping off the jetlag. The visitor is a male snowy owl…

Dancing Stars

If you look up long enough, you can see stars dance across the sky.

Mary Lee Leads Shark Research to the Jersey Coast

“She owns it wherever she goes,” said OCEARCH expedition leader Chris Fischer about Mary Lee, the 16-foot, 3,456-pound white shark tagged off Cape Cod in September 2012. As one of the first mature female white sharks to be tagged, she’s leading scientists and ocean enthusiasts on a journey revealing the mysterious lifestyle of a 400 million-year-old…

Stockton University Surveys Osprey Nests with Conserve Wildlife Foundation

Perched on a ladder, President Harvey Kesselman peered into a nesting platform, a tall wooden post topped with a bed of sticks towering above the vast saltmarsh. Two orange-eyed, downy osprey nestlings gazed back at him while their parents circled overhead. “These are the chicks!” he said in amazement of their size. From their vantage…

Great White Encounter

Note: This story was published in Stockton Now, the university’s online magazine. “A gigantic splash interrupted our meeting. That was Hilton,” said Chelsea Shields ’15, describing how she met a 12.5-foot, 1,326-pound great white shark off the coast of South Carolina in March. Shields and the rest of the crew members of the Lowcountry Expedition were…

Loyal Patrons Make One Last Visit to Buzby’s General Store in Chatsworth

A line of visitors wrapped around the inside of Buzby’s General Store, a 152-year-old landmark, for one last chance to reminisce on the wraparound porch and browse Pinelands literature, antiques and unique goods during its closing sale. As the halfway-point on a road trip from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore and home to the Cranberry…

Out of This World Experience

Note: This story was published in Stockton Now, the university’s online magazine. On Earth, some plant roots and fungi form mutualistic relationships, known as mycorrhizae, that result in increased plant growth. Two female students from Stockton designed an experiment to determine if the same holds true in a microgravity environment, where gravity is nearly absent….

Surveying Sea Life at New Jersey Artificial Reef Sites

The R/V Resilience drifts to a red Rutgers buoy floating above the Little Egg Inlet Reef, one of New Jersey’s 15 artificial reef sites. Douglas Zemeckis, a Rutgers University post-doctoral researcher, aims a grappling hook to catch the line and quickly wraps it around a pulley that hauls a marine trap up from the bottom….